Jarome Davy

Your local garden expert in Alice Springs. (Mparntwe)

Let Us Transform Your Yard into a Serene Sanctuary

Trusted Mparntwe (Alice Springs) based Gardening Expert

With a wealth of knowledge of native planting and arid zone gardens, from years of local experience including 4 years tenure at Olive Pink Botanic Gardens

Welcome to Jarome Davy Garden Services! We are specialising in native plants, irrigation, and water conservation. With our knowledge of the local environment and a passion for sustainable gardening practices, we are here to help you create and maintain a beautiful, thriving garden that harmonises with nature.

Jarome is an Anmatjere and Alyawarre man, and has been living in Mparntwe, Arrernte country for over 10 years.

Preserving Nature's Treasures. Let's cultivate Indigenous Flora in Your Backyard!


Customer Reviews

Jarome transformed my neglected back yard into a haven. Beautifully laid out, with sustainable goals in mind.
Yasmine M
Local Resident

What We Offer

Our Services

Whether you need assistance with transforming your backyard into an sanctuary of native flora or simply require regular garden maintenance, I am here to help.

NTIBN Certified Business

As a proud NTIBN (National Traditional Indigenous Business Network) certified business, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity. You can trust that our services are delivered with a deep respect for Aboriginal heritage and a dedication to excellence.

7+ years of Horticulture Experience

With over seven years of horticulture experience, our skilled team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. We have honed our craft through years of hands-on experience, ensuring that we provide reliable and professional garden services tailored to your unique needs.

Garden Maintenance
Mow / Whipper Snip / Prune

Sit back, relax, and let us take care of your garden maintenance needs. From precise mowing and whipper snipping to expert pruning, we have the skills and equipment to keep your garden looking neat, healthy, and beautifully maintained all year round.

Irrigation Installation

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space with our expert irrigation installation services. Our team specializes in designing and installing efficient irrigation systems that ensure optimal water distribution, promoting healthy plant growth while conserving this precious resource.

Native Garden Advice

Embrace the unique beauty of Australia's native plants with our expert advice. We understand the intricacies of native flora and can provide valuable guidance on selecting, planting, and caring for indigenous species. Let us help you create a stunning and sustainable native garden that thrives in the local environment.

Large Property

Tackling a large property can be a daunting task, but we have the solution. With our expertise in handling large properties and our specialized ride-on mowers, we can efficiently maintain expansive outdoor spaces. Sit back and enjoy your property while we keep it in pristine condition.

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